The Annual General Meeting of Tyne Valley German Shepherd Club will be held in Greenside Community Centre on Tuesday 29th March 2022, at 7.30 pm.

All members are welcome to attend. Members are entitled to one vote after two months
membership. A member of the club for less than 6 months cannot be elected to the committee.

All members are welcome to attend. Members are entitled to one vote after two months
membership. A member of the club for less than 6 months cannot be elected to the committee.

Items for the agenda should be forwarded to the Secretary by Tuesday 15th March 2022.

Advice on Puppy Exercise For New Owners

At some point, most new GSD puppy owners ask the question:

“How much exercise should I be giving our puppy?”

This comes comes up quite frequently from new GSD puppy owners and the advice we give is always the same – and based around a fairly simple formula that comes from the UK Kennel Club:

“Puppies need much less exercise than fully grown dogs. If you over-exercise a growing puppy you can overtire it and damage its developing joints, causing early arthritis. A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown e.g. 15 minutes (up to twice a day) when 3 months old, 20 minutes when 4 months old and so on. Once they are fully grown, they can go out for much longer.

It is important that puppies and dogs go out for exercise every day in a safe and secure area, or they may become frustrated. Time spent in your garden, however large it may be, is no substitute for exploring new environments and socialising with other dogs. Make sure your puppy is trained to return to you when you call their name. 

You should never exercise your puppy on a full stomach as this can contribute to bloat.”

Below are some images from a ~2 week old puppy, that shows just how much development of the joints is required.

X-ray of 2 week old puppy
Puppy X-Ray 1
Puppy X-Ray 2

Inbetween each joint at this age is a lot of cartilage. At the end of each joint is a growth plate, and any damage due to over-exercise can cause uneven growth of the plate, causing long term issues.

When you get your 8/10 week old puppies, please keep these images in mind. Their bones do not even touch yet. They plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with skin covering. Nothing is fitting tightly together or has a true socket yet.

When you run them excessively or don’t restrict their exercise to stop them from overdoing it during this period you don’t give them a chance to grow properly. Every big jump or excited bouncing run causes impacts between the bones. In reasonable amounts this is not problematic and is the normal wear and tear that every animal will engage in.

But when you’re letting puppy jump up and down off the lounge or bed, take them for long walks/hikes, you are damaging that forming joint. When you let the puppy scramble on tile with no traction you are damaging the joint.

You only get the chance to grow them once. A well built body is something that comes from excellent breeding and a great upbringing-BOTH, not just one.

Once grown you will have the rest of their life to spend playing and engaging in higher impact exercise. So keep it calm while they’re still little baby puppies and give the gift that can only be given once.

Kennel Club Breed Guide for German Shepherd Dogs: here

Christmas Party Tickets On Sale Now!

A Christmas social evening will be held on Tuesday 14th December 2021, 7.30pm at Greenside Cricket Club (next to the Community Centre), for members of the Club, their family and friends.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and are now available at club meetings at a charge of £5 per head, which includes buffet, a complimentary drink and free raffle.

Hope to see you all there! 🎅🤶

Indoor Training

Now that the weather and light has gone, we are back inside the Community Centre main hall.

Please park down the road and walk up. Don’t use the (very small) car park at the Community Centre. Thank You!

See the Contact page if you don’t know where to go, or find us on Google Maps, search “Tyne Valley German Shepherd Dog Club”


Club restarts Tuesday 27th July 2021

Weather permitting, training will be outdoors at the Greenside football field, 7.30 pm. It has been decided that membership fee for the remaining 5 months of the membership year will be £3 and, as previously, £3 per training session attended.

We look forward to seeing everyone again – new members and old.